I'm a free-spirited soul, and I love to create.

I am a down-to-earth Bohemian and I love to create pretty things for others! I learned how to be creative from my grandmother and the farm on which I lived. Making things by hand brings me lots of joy. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you! 🌿✌️

My friends and family have encouraged me for years to share things with others, so in 2016 I opened my first Etsy shop, I'm so glad I did!

I made my first candle for our daughter's wedding as favors for her guests. I am continuing to venture out into the world of natural apothecary. Everything I use is non-toxic, natural, and wonderful. Most of my products include the best essential oils.

These days my focus is on making all-natural deodorants, candles, skin balms, and body lotions. I also enjoy metal stamping and making beautiful flower headpieces. I'm a flower child at heart.

If you are in St. Augustine, you can find all of the Hippie Wick Chick products at fine retailers such as the Spanish Dutch Convoy (both locations), LYMI Oddities - St. Augustine Beach, and at the Coconut Barrel!

We now are offering wholesaling options. If you would be interested in becoming a Hippie Wick Chick reseller, please fill out this application and we'll get back in touch with you soon!

If you are outside of the St. Augustine, FL area, you can find my products easily at my ETSY shop online!

Thank you for shopping, sharing, and caring.

Best way to get in touch is email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Hippie Wick Chick

Hippy Wick Chick - candles - deodarant - hand made clothing - herbal lotions - sugar scrubs - SQ (2)
Lilac Candle - Hippie Wick Chick
Hippy Wick Chick - candles - deodarant - hand made clothing - herbal lotions - sugar scrubs - SQ (3)
Hippy Wick Chick - candles - deodarant - hand made clothing - herbal lotions - sugar scrubs - SQ (4)
Hippy Wick Chick - candles - deodarant - hand made clothing - herbal lotions - sugar scrubs - SQ

Handmade Loofah

Made with "scrubby yarn", these loofahs feel great! They hold up well in water, they are long -lasting, and the provide excellent exfoliation!

Hand Made Candle

We currently have 3 scented candles, Floral, Woodsy, and Wild Berry. The reviews on these candles are amazing! They are made from natural soy and every one is hand poured with love.

Handmade Body Balms

Our Body Balms come in various scents based on what's in season. Currently we have Rose, Plantain Leaves, Lavendar and other natural herbs.

All Natural Deodorant

All nauturally made and handcrafted with love. Our reviews are pouring in that these keep you smelling fresh all day! Scent options currently are Citrus, Lemon Geranium, Orange Patchouli and Orange Bergamot.

Natural Sugar Scrubs

All naturally made and handcrafted sugar scrubs made your body smell and feel so good! These sugar scrubs are used as a wonderful exfoliating agent for your skin.

  • LOVE the Loofah and LOVE the Body Scrub!  It made my skin feel so soft.  I really didn't even need to use any lotion afterward!
  • 🌸My bundle of #joy made it to #mama! 🌺This hand-poured soy #candle smells like a garden.  Everyone has commented on the scent all day.  It’s been burning in my #office since it arrived!! The #deodorants have essential oils that are richly scented. #kidApproved ✅ Find your perfect scent @hippywickchick ❤️
  • Smells wonderful!! I chose the orange and bergamot. It does not apply like normal stick deodorant, but it stays on all day. I don’t feel like I need to reapply in the afternoon like I usually do with Toms.
  • This flower crown is incredible and even more beautiful in person! I ordered this item to wear for bridal photos and it looked stunning in the photos. Highly recommended!!!!
  • I LOVE my scarf! If I could give it 6 stars I would. My schools mascott is a unicorn and she worked with my schools colors- blue and gold (mostly white with a little blue on the mane) and a gold horn. It’s amazing. My students love it! It will be great for football games and assembly’s- and just staying warm and looking adorable. Could not be happier. Yarn is really thick and chunky. Also love that the “arms” are a little long to allow a little slouch (as pictured) when you have your hands in your pockets - which a huge!